Once-in-a-century opportunity

Snoqualmie Mill is a 250-acre site representing a once-in-a-century opportunity for the environmental enhancement of the existing Mill site and economic revitalization of the Snoqualmie Valley region. The property will achieve its full potential with the implementation of the Snoqualmie Mill Planned Commercial/Industrial (PCI) Plan. The plan is the sole path that will ensure long-term and sustainable benefits for the community.

A green, healthy future

Approval of the Snoqualmie Mill PCI Plan means land remediation, stormwater capture and management, enhancement of wetland buffers, and unlocking of 166 acres of open space for use by the public. The newly created green outdoor space will add to what already makes Snoqualmie Valley special.

Snoqualmie Mill for All

Long-term vision is of a vibrant community that looks and feels true to the history of the Mill, which was the Valley’s first place to live, work and play and to create a gathering place that welcomes all.

Community-first development

Multigenerational commitment to build something that not only prioritizes the community and environment over short-term investment returns, but also respects the historic and cultural context of the site. Low-density commercial uses and market-rate rental apartments are being proposed as part of the PCI Plan.

Diverse and sustainable economy

Proposed developments at the Mill will include a variety of uses including retail, food & beverage, office, light industrial, and diverse housing via market-rate apartments—all of which are currently lacking in the city.


  • Redevelopment that respects history
  • Modern development meeting all agency standards
  • Food and beverage, retail spaces
  • Office and light industrial
  • Diverse housing via market-rate apartments
  • Infrastructure investments
  • Additional revenue to the city

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