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Snoqualmie Mill is an expansive commercial real estate property capable of accommodating businesses of many sizes, types and applications. The site plan provides a unique mixture of campus and corporate offices along with light industrial sites, accompanied by retail space and one-of-kind apartment living. Thoughtful design standards uphold the vision and heritage of the property and surrounding valley. By respecting the spectacular natural surroundings and encouraging green building practices, Snoqualmie Mill represents a perfect opportunity for the right business development and commercial space.

The Property

Featuring over 250 acres, Snoqualmie Mill is the last large undeveloped site that is zoned for commercial real estate and industrial space available for development in King County. Repurposing this historic employment center site for the 21st century using sustainable development principles will enhance development in King County and particularly in the Upper Snoqualmie Valley.

What You Can Look Forward To

Office and industrial users are expected to be drawn to this site because of the scarcity of suitable locations closer to central King County, particularly for those users currently located in or considering moving their business to Issaquah, Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville, Bothell and other Eastside locations. Today, there are a very limited number of sites of any size remaining left for expansion or growth of major employers in these areas. Any land that is available, in King County is now overly expensive.

Other Project Benefits:

  • Providing jobs close to Snoqualmie reduces traffic congestion, commute times and trips on the region’s road systems.
  • Over 4 million visitors per year visit the Snoqualmie Falls and other tourism destinations in the upper Snoqualmmie Valley making Snoqualmie Mill a unique opportunity for a particular segment of the industrial market.
  • Washington State’s prosperous wine industry has reached saturation in Woodinville. Due to existing tourism traffic, available land, and easy access, Snoqualmie Mill is expected to become an alternative locale for this growing industry.
  • The strong recreational living of Snoqualmie Valley residents and visitors makes Snoqualmie Mill and attractive location for outdoor gear producers and manufacturers.



Cushman & Wakefield Commerce reports a “severely limited inventory (5.3 percent direct vacancy) and sky-high rents ($39.47 per square foot for class A office space) in Bellevue and vicinity.”

Snoqualmie Mill sits at the nexus of I-90, SR 202 and SR 18, providing expeditious access to direct and alternative routes in every direction.


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The Snoqualmie Mill property development has been created to offer a new area for thriving and new businesses on Seattle, Washington’s Eastside. With commercial real estate space becoming more and more scarce in the areas of Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah and the rest of King County, the Snoqualmie Valley is the ideal location for businesses to move their headquarters, offices, manufacturing or light industrial ventures. King County, and more specifically, the Eastside has seen an influx of new successful businesses that have bred growth around the area. The Snoqualmie Mill property is the perfect modern business park that features vast amounts of land and acreage for your company’s next campus. Not only will you be able to run your business from this lot, we are uniquely offering the opportunity to live where you work with plans for apartments that are conveniently located near great hiking, a beautiful valley and unbelievable mountains, great schools, and education centers to maintain your Pacific Northwest Lifestyle.