Unlocks 166 acres of outdoor space after cleanup

The environmental cleanup of what is 250 acres of underutilized and inaccessible space will ensure that the site will continue to be a benefit to the community and the environment for the next 100 years.

Redevelopment is the solution to reverse ecological damage

Redevelopment is what unlocks the financial ability to perform the environmental cleanup and remediation. The unmediated site will remain inaccessible to the public and underutilized.

Tangible and long-term benefits to the environment and community

These benefits include: large fiscal benefit and operational liquidity to the City of Snoqualmie; result in the cleanup of Brownfield site; reduce flooding risk in the Snoqualmie River Basin; commemorate the contributions of the Japanese community to the Mill operation; expand public access to open space; improve water quality in the Snoqualmie River; expand job opportunities for the local community; create diverse rental housing; and deliver investments to community infrastructure.

Once-a-generation opportunity to rehabilitate the site

The Master Plan is the path forward for environmental enhancement and provide for treatment of stormwater while ensuring that the site is thoughtfully developed and benefit the community for the next 100 years.


  • 166 acres of green, healthy, open space
  • 64% of the site dedicated to outdoor space
  • Land remediation of areas requiring cleanup
  • Stormwater capture and management meeting Department of Ecology standards
  • Redevelopment meeting all environmental standards
  • Enhancement of wetland buffers

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