Planning Areas

The Snoqualmie Mill Master Plan organizes the site into three planning areas. These areas are intended to facilitate phased development of a compatible mix of land uses that can capture identified market and business opportunities. Industrial and commercial uses are generally separated in the overall plan, except for the mixed-use area in Planning Area 1. The sequence and timing of each development phase or sub-phase will be responsive to market demand, to mitigation requirements and to the timing of needed improvements in the surround areas.

Planning Area 1

Planning Area 1 is envisioned as a mixed-use “village” developed along a pedestrian-oriented main street. It will provide tech/flex space designed to accommodate traditional warehouse users, mezzanine office and light assembly, combined with retail and visitor oriented uses and housing.

Snoqualmie Mill’s preferred concept for this area is a concentration of wine-related uses. Land uses would include wine production, wine tasting and other supportive wine-related uses, restaurants, event space and housing. The village will be surrounded by green open spaces on all sides, framing views of Mt. Si and the surrounding mountains.

Planning Area 2

Intended to focus on light industrial. Plan and availability to be determined.

Planning Area 3

Intended to focus on corporate or institutional users. Plan and availability to be determined.


Area 1 Plan in Detail

Site Vision

Entry / Threshold

Industrial production—potentially of wine, spirits and beer—intended to be on full display at the western entry to the main retail core. Large warehouse space is transparent facing the entry drive to provide visibility into the production spaces. This establishes the tone for the visitor experience.


Retail Core

Tasting rooms, restaurants and front offices are tucked under the southern edge of large industrial warehouse spaces. The warehouses are arranged along a pedestrian-oriented spine with carefully scaled spaces for outdoor seating and gathering. The Weyerhauser planer building and Mt. Si are framed by the buildings looking east.

Light Industrial / Retail Hybrid

The northern blocks of Planning Area 1 are envisioned a large scale industrial spaces with 100 foot depths and 30 foot clear structures suitable for a variety of industrial users. Large blocks of industrial warehouse construction will accommodate flexible light-industrial uses with retail or other supporting uses (e.g., tasting rooms) located along the southern edges. The industrial production spaces are intended to foster an environment where the process of industrial production itself is an essential component of the visitor experience. A wide sidewalk and elevated patio area along the southern edge of these blocks provides ample outdoor dining and gathering areas with excellent solar access.

Light Industrial / Retail

North of the main avenue is designed for a “light industrial” tenant such as an assembly or light manufacturing company with retail space. By allowing the public to visually experience the production process, the occupant has the opportunity to showcase the product to the customer within the 4,000 square foot retail spaces while creating a memorable and unique experience for visitors.

Residential / Flex Space

Located south of the main avenue is a planned three story residential, flexible office space building. This three story building provides high ceilings for the 12,000 square foot of ground level work space, designed for occupants who live in the complex or the surrounding area, with a two story 120-unit residence above, that could alternatively become office space.

Production and Event Center

The easternmost block in the village core is situated with the best views to Mt. Si and the historical buildings to the east, looking out over the large open green space. A complex including 84,000 square feet of industrial production and storage space, 14,000 square feet of retail restaurant space fronting the main street, a 31,000 square foot event center and an outdoor performance amphitheater with stage are envisioned to be operated by one master tenant. The event center is linked to the retail and production components by a large outdoor patio that terminates at the main street and looks out over the view. The patio can be transformed into a luxury cabana box seating area during performances, with food and bottle service from the adjacent restaurant.

The retail and restaurant areas are visually linked to the production spaces, to create an immersive visitor experience. Tours of the production floor can be accommodated with a safe tour route that ends in a tasting area and small bar out on the production floor.


A 14,000 square foot restaurant space is located on the east side of the complex to maximize views of Mt. Si, the site’s preserved historic structures, and large open green space to the east. The restaurant has large openings to the outdoor covered patio spaces that overlook the performance space. Food and bottle service can be available during performances. Views into the production floor coupled with view out to the natural surroundings, give the restaurant an authentic and immersive atmosphere.


A 3.7 acre outdoor space extends towards a planned amphitheater, a backdrop of wetlands, the historical Mill and Mt. Si. This area will encompass an outdoor stage to host large concerts and regional events throughout the northwest.


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The Snoqualmie Mill property development has been created to offer a new area for thriving and new businesses on Seattle, Washington’s Eastside. With commercial real estate space becoming more and more scarce in the areas of Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah and the rest of King County, the Snoqualmie Valley is the ideal location for businesses to move their headquarters, offices, manufacturing or light industrial ventures. King County, and more specifically, the Eastside has seen an influx of new successful businesses that have bred growth around the area. The plan for the Snoqualmie Mill property is the perfect modern business park that features vast amounts of land and acreage for your company’s next campus. Not only will you be able to run your business from this lot, we are uniquely offering the opportunity to live where you work with plans for condos and apartments that are conveniently located near great hiking, a beautiful valley and unbelievable mountains, great schools, and education centers to maintain your Pacific Northwest Lifestyle.