Development Agreement

An important step in the process of the future of Snoqualmie Mill.

On October 24, 2022, the City Council adopted a resolution allowing a Development Agreement for the Snoqualmie Mill Site project, approving the Mill Site pre-construction plan. In conjunction with the Property Condition Inspection Plan, this is another important step in the process toward the future of Snoqualmie Mills. The Development Agreement establishes the standards and processes that govern and vest the advancement of the property for the term of the agreement, including mitigation measures and conditions applicable to the project. This provides assurance that the community will not experience negative impacts from the proposal, and will provide environmental, economical, and community benefits. 

The environmental cleanup of what is 261 acres of underutilized and inaccessible space will ensure that the site will continue to be a benefit to the community and the environment for the next 100 years. The agreement ensures that the project will commit the necessary resources to ensure there are no significant environmental impacts. The property will be cleaned up and returned to productive use, just like thousands of other former industrial properties across the nation. After development, all stormwater flow will be treated to published standards, improving water quality and fisheries habitat in the Snoqualmie River. Grading of the site for development will remove existing berms and expand compensatory flood storage, reducing flooding risk in the valley and downstream. 

This plan carves a path that will ensure long-term and sustainable benefits for the community. The proposal commits that the development will go above and beyond to provide public benefits to the community. The site will ensure economic revitalization by contributing new and significant revenue for the city with jobs and tax revenues. In addition, housing options will be a priority in the new development to ensure space is made for all who make valuable contributions to this community.  

The preservation of the open space and extension of the trail system to the proposed Riverwalk and Snoqualmie Valley trails is planned. Existing zoning requires the retention of 35% of the site area in open space, or 92 acres. This proposal nearly doubles that, at 64% or 166 acres of open space. Much of the open space will be permanently protected as wetland and associated buffers and used for passive recreational activities, such as trails. The agreement specifies the timing and process for infrastructure development and guarantees that development cannot occur until infrastructure requirements are satisfied, including construction or payment of the project’s fair share of traffic, water, stormwater and sewer improvements. 

We look forward to the future of this development and are committed to being thorough and ultimately delivering a project that revitalizes a brownfield site creating jobs, housing options and economic benefit for the Snoqualmie Valley community.