DirtFish Hosts its Second Annual Women in Motorsport Summit

DirtFish brings the community together to celebrate Women’s History Month

In 2010, DirtFish opened its doors in the same location where the historical Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Company once changed the lumber industry through innovation by harnessing the power of electricity. Since day one, DirtFish has operated with the idea that motorsports should be accessible to everyone.

Holding true to the original intention, DirtFish launched its official Women in Motorsport initiative in 2021, bringing some of the world’s top women in the sport to its facility. This year on March 11, DirtFish hosted their second annual Women in Motorsport Summit to celebrate not only the inspiring women in motorsport, but all strong female leaders around the Snoqualmie community including local female vendors, female-owned food trucks, female-fronted bands, and more.

This event centered around a live discussion with star panelists Michèle Mouton, Pernilla Solberg, Rhianon Gelsomino, Heather Holler, Leanne Junnila and Michelle Miller who shared their personal stories, passed on their wisdom and offered their words of encouragement. The impact of this event spread far and wide, as hundreds of women were in attendance, and hundreds more watched via the live stream. 

DirtFish took everything they learned from last year to make this year’s event even bigger. Josie Rimmer, Head of Strategy and Women in Motorsport Coordinator confirmed the mission of DirtFish through the positioning of this event, stating, “This event is for everyone. Whether you’ve driven a manual or not, whether you’ve sat in a race car or not, whether you know all about rally or nothing at all, this event is for you.”

The second annual Women in Motorsport Summit was a great success. Emotions ran high as the community who attended walked away from this event feeling inspired by the powerful women that stood before them.

Materials and credit for this blog post are attributed to Josie Rimmer, DirtFish Head of Strategy and Women in Motorsport Coordinator and Luke Barry, DirtFish Author. Image courtesy of DirtFish.