Economic Benefits of the New Snoqualmie Mill Site

Repurposing and repositioning this former economic hub to regain its reputation as a flourishing economy for years to come. 

As it stands today, Snoqualmie Mill is the largest undeveloped commercial and industrial property in King County. In its original state, the mill site was a healthy and lively community, cultivating a vibrant economy with a stable base of employment. In the redevelopment of this site, our goal is to repurpose and reposition this former economic hub to regain its reputation as a flourishing economy for years to come. 

The masterplan approved by the City of Snoqualmie in October 2022 provides more than 1.8 million square feet of office, warehouse, life science, flex, retail and housing uses to be built out over a 20-year horizon. Our proposal for the land will attract employers and generate a projected 3,000 or more new jobs at full buildout. The centerpiece of the first phase is a wine district for tasting rooms, wine production, restaurants and other experience oriented uses to create a new supply of jobs and complement the significant and existing tourism. 

Through the development of this site, we are also prioritizing housing to provide options for teachers, medical staff, retail workers and others who make valuable contributions to this community. To address the issue of affordable housing deficiency in the Upper Snoqualmie Valley, The first phase of Snoqualmie Mill will include 160 units of affordable rental housing. Rental Apartments, in general, are workforce housing, but in addition, this plan will include rents restricted to household earnings of 80% and 60% of the King County Average Median Household can afford. 

All development will be preceded by the phased, full mitigation of the limited legacy contamination found on this brownfield site. Almost 60 % of the site will be retained as passive open space providing wildlife habit and trails linking to the state-wide system. As a result, density at full buildout will be half of other contemporary suburban commercial and residential developments.

We are excited to continue progress to the Snoqualmie mill site and restore this authentic company town. The overall economic benefit to the Snoqualmie community is a key element in the planning process and we are eager to continue to build this out as our vision comes together.