The Future of Snoqualmie Mill

Respecting history while celebrating the future of Snoqualmie Mill.

The Snoqualmie Mill site was purchased from Weyerhaeuser in June 2010 by Steve Rimmer, his wife Leslie Decker and their two children James and Josie Rimmer. The family calls the area home and the history of the site holds great significance for them. It’s with this perspective that the Mill site’s proposed development is approached.

The Snoqualmie Mill site has been a significant part of the Valley for well over a century. Our stewardship of the site has been a relatively short 12 years, but it’s been a busy 12 years. We have great respect for the review process and look forward to working with the regulators and experts to deliver something that appreciates the history and produces benefits for all involved for the next century.

We also recognize the need for the Snoqualmie Mill site to be sustainable both economically and environmentally. The economic benefit to the community has been calculated and presented as part of the development process and we believe this will be meaningfully positive to the city. We will be bringing in authentic and creative retail experiences, serving the community and providing extensions to the significant existing recreational visitor patterns. In addition, we are prioritizing housing options to provide space for teachers, medical staff, retail workers and others who make valuable contributions to this community.  

We aim to ensure that wherever possible, the development is environmentally sustainable. We will ensure that any necessary clean-up will be addressed swiftly and thoroughly. We are inspired by the greater Pacific Northwest, which has been on the cutting edge of innovative environmental construction projects. 

This major regional legacy has provided economic impact to the Snoqualmie Valley and its residents for decades and the vision is to continue that value for the area. The site is nothing without the community that it supports and provides for, and that is the driving factor for us at Snoqualmie Mill Ventures. In developing this site, we intend to explore all opportunities to ensure we provide amenities that will support the people of Snoqualmie.