History of the Mill Site

Learn more about the fascinating history behind Snoqualmie Mill.

The original Snoqualmie Mill Site opened in November 1917, serving as the employment center of the Upper Snoqualmie Valley for nearly 100 years. It was the second all-electric sawmill in the country. 

Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Company opened the mill in 1916 and suddenly, Snoqualmie Valley was an economic hub and had a base of stable employment. The Mill supported Snoqualmie’s building boom, and even throughout the Great Depression, continued to produce economic vitality for the region. Ownership was later transferred to the Weyerhaeuser Company, who continued mill operations through 1993.

It was not only a destination for work, but it was also a true company town where people lived and shopped. The Mill significantly increased Snoqualmie Valley’s economy, creating a healthy and lively community. With the new development of the Snoqualmie Mill site, we hope to ​​repurpose the property to regain its role within the community as a place where people will go to work for the next 100 years. 

We will bring in tenants that add retail experiences, complementing the significant and existing tourism. We envision including places where things are created, such as wineries, distilleries, breweries, glass studios, and complementary uses such as tasting rooms and restaurants. Our proposal for the land will attract employers and generate a projected 3,000 or more new jobs at full buildout. 

The Mill will also expand the City’s housing base. Our intentions are to address the housing needs of employees who are vital to any society and create a high standard of living at a more attainable price. We anticipate rents will generally be affordable to employees of businesses who will locate here and increase housing for teachers, medical staff, retail workers and all others who make valuable contributions to Valley life.